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COMPLETE Adjustment Support.

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Synapse will calculate results based upon paired sales, grouped data, sensitivity, depreciated cost, six types of regression, and more.

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Whether it's the data that you choose (up to 3 sets of modifiable data) or the many settings that control how data is "crunched", you are in control.

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Synapse allows you to download a workfile showing the results, how they were calculated, and all of your settings. It also stores all of your sessions.

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Why Synapse?

Appraiser Controlled

  • Synapse REQUIRES AN APPRAISER to function properly.  IT IS NOT a magical tool that tells you what an adjustment is.
  • Synapse performs the math on the data you provide, shows you the results on many appraisal methods, and then YOU reconcile those results to arrive at a well-supported adjustment.

Robust & Transparent

  • Use whatever appraisal methods you want and analyze on multiple datasets simultaneously.
  • Quickly get results and reconcile the data OR fully customize it for your market.
  • Get results for ANY FEATURE as long as your MLS allows it to be exported.
  • Appropriately handles transactional data prior to property features adjustments.
  • The digital workfile provides all the info needed to replicate the results.

Easy To Use

  • Synapse was built with appraisers in mind, allowing you to analyze multiple methods in addition to large amounts of data quickly and easily.
  • Synapse is entirely web-based.  Wherever you go, there we are.
  • We've built a library of comprehensive 'Help' videos and a built-in FAQ covering not only how to use Synapse but videos also covering the math in detail.

Multiple Methods.

  • Paired Sales Analysis (and "Adjusted Paired Sales Analysis") including full control over what a "pair" is.
  • Grouped Data including the ability to customize the "groups" on the fly.
  • Six types of simple linear regression.
  • Sensitivity Analysis.
  • Depreciated Cost with settings for control over variables such as additional depreciation and % remaining economic life.
  • More methods coming soon including the ability to type in your own method based on your own data and also to see what value you chose in the past for that same adjustment.

Data Control.

  • Synapse allows you to upload up to three datasets to analyze results in different ways.
  • Includes tools for "cleaning" the MLS data (modify, remove outliers, mass change, etc).
  • Hundreds of settings in addition to "templates" allowing you to quickly and easily control how data is "crunched" in a given scenario.
  • Synapse DOES NOT tell you what an adjustment should be. It calculates and shows you the results based on your settings and you determine the adjustment.

Digital Workfile.

Synapse will provide you with any or all of the following for adjustment support:

  • Adjustment Summary Document (in PDF, RTF, and Image formats)
  • Adjustment Comments (in PDf, RTF, and Image formats)
  • Brief Description of Adjustment Methods for the reader of your report (in PDF and Image formats)
  • Detailed Description of Adjustment Methods and Calculations (in PDF format)
  • Summary of All Results for Each Feature Calculated (in PDF and RTF formats)
  • Matched Pairs Document Showing Every Matched Pair and the Results (in PDF and RTF formats)
  • Document Showing What Data Source was Used for Each Field, What Was Customized, and What Properties Were Removed (in PDF and RTF formats)
  • Settings Document Showing all Settings Utilized (in PDF and RTF formats)
  • MLS Data Files (the original MLS data uploaded to Synapse).

See If Synapse Works In Your Area

Try Synapse Free! (2 week free trial)

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