What Can Synapse Do?



  • Paired Sales Analysis (and "Adjusted Paired Sales Analysis") including full control over what a "pair" is.
  • Grouped Data including the ability to customize the "groups" on the fly.
  • Six types of simple linear regression.
  • Sensitivity Analysis.
  • Depreciated Cost with settings for control over variables such as additional depreciation and % remaining economic life.
  • More methods coming soon including the ability to type in your own method based on your own data and also to see what value you chose in the past for that same adjustment.


  • Adjustment Summary Document (in PDF, RTF, and Image formats)
  • Adjustment Comments (in PDf, RTF, and Image formats)
  • Brief Description of Adjustment Methods for the reader of your report (in PDF and Image formats)
  • Detailed Description of Adjustment Methods and Calculations (in PDF format)
  • Summary of All Results for Each Feature Calculated (in PDF and RTF formats)
  • Matched Pairs Document Showing Every Matched Pair and the Results (in PDF and RTF formats)
  • Document Showing What Data Source was Used for Each Field, What Was Customized, and What Properties Were Removed (in PDF and RTF formats)
  • Settings Document Showing all Settings Utilized (in PDF and RTF formats)
  • MLS Data Files (the original MLS data uploaded to Synapse).


  • Synapse allows you to upload up to three datasets to analyze results in different ways.
  • Includes tools for "cleaning" the MLS data (modify, remove outliers, mass change, etc).
  • Hundreds of settings in addition to "templates" allowing you to quickly and easily control how data is "crunched" in a given scenario.
  • Synapse DOES NOT tell you what an adjustment should be. It calculates and shows you the results based on your settings and you determine the adjustment.

Your expertise is the driving force of Synapse!


Crafted with appraisers in mind, offers a user-friendly experience through its entirely web-based platform for convenient access.

Users have the autonomy to determine adjustments, ensuring a well-supported outcome. Synapse further facilitates flexibility by allowing the utilization of any appraisal methods and simultaneous analysis of multiple datasets.

It can be fully customized to meet market needs, and results are provided for any feature exportable by the MLS, enhancing its versatility in appraisal processes.

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"It's a wonderful product. I have two large, multimillion dollar estate appraisals that I'm working on and Synapse has been wonderful in supporting my adjustments. Hard for reviewers to request additional support of adjustments with Synapse!"- D.G. in VA
Great product! It has helped me become a better appraiser! "
- S.S. in TX
" LOVE IT!! LOVE IT !! LOVE IT! I watched the videos yesterday. I picked it up tonight for the first time. It is very intuitive. I think I probably could have figured out most of it with no instruction at all. This is insanely cool. This is going to do an enormous amount of good for the appraiser population. It is worthy of a standing ovation" - JL in A.Z

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