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  Data Importing.

  • Seamless handling of MLS vs. Public Records discrepancies
  • Effortlessly switch between data sources and save preferences
  • Modern interface for easy data customization
  • Automatically transfer your customized details for subject and comparable into your grid
  • Comprehensive support for various forms and addenda – both UAD and non-UAD

     Cost Approach.

  • DwellingCost data included in Spark subscription
  • Compatible with both site-built and manufactured homes
  • Streamlined, accurate cost data interface
  • Site Value Tool for quick and precise site value determination
  • Includes adjusted and unadjusted values, data visualization widget, and tables for easy reference


     Trend Analysis.

  • Analyze your market the way that YOU want to!
  • Utilize “Trend Preview” for swift and bullet proof trend determination
  • Add personalized charts to showcase market trends to clients and defend your conclusions
  • Compare and contrast multiple datasets over periods ranging from 6 months to 10 years



    Digital Workfile.


  • Property Report: Comprehensive MLS and Public Records data for each loaded property
  • Market Conditions Report: One-Unit Housing and 1004MC data, along with all analyses (and corresponding support) performed by Spark
  • Calculations Page: Details Spark’s calculations, including formulas and Fannie Mae guideline references
  • Discrepancy Report: Highlights ALL discrepancies between MLS and Public Records
  • Cost Data Report: Displays loaded cost data, property information, and associated DwellingCost data
  • Site Value Report: Provides detailed calculations for subject site value determination

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